Amish Country Links

Illinois Amish Country Homepage – The main source for all information relating to the Illinois Amish Country located in Arthur, IL.  For Amish country maps, contact information, information about tours of the Amish country, Amish business lists, and much much more.  The main site for the whole area that is a must check source of information when you are planning a visit to the heart of the Illinois Amish Country.

ACM Tours – The Illinois Amish country’s one and only source for tours of the Arthur area.  ACM Tours will help you plan a tour for a couple or for a whole busload.  They specialize in tours of the Amish countryside, woodshop tours, buggy shop tours, hotel accommodations, and even a meal in an Amish home.  ACM Tours is your one stop shop for helping you create the perfect Amish country experience.

The Wood Loft Custom Furniture – Our main website of Amish custom made furniture that we have had handcrafted over the years.  If you are looking for more dining room, bedroom, office, kitchen, and other room ideas for custom furniture this site has  a large gallery of photos.  If you don’t see the photo or idea you want for your furniture then you can contact the Wood Loft and they will help you have the perfect piece Amish custom made.

The Illinois Amish Market – If you looked through this site and saw the perfect piece of furniture, this is the site to visit to buy it directly and have it shipped right to you.  The Illinois Amish Market specializes in Amish made tables, chairs, beds, dressers, office desks, bookcases, and much much more. You can chooce from hickory, walnut, maple, red oak, quarter sawn white oak, brown maple, and rustic woods and then have it stained in your choice of colors. Then all you need to do is put in your shipping information and it will be Amish crafted and brought right to your house.

Arthur IL –  Arthur is located in the heart of the Illinois Amish country.  Not only is it a beautiful town to visit, it is a wonderful town to live in.  If you are contemplating moving into the area this website has a wide array of information about the general location.  There are phone numbers for real estate agents, contact information for rental agents, and information on utility providers in the Amish country.